Tin metal stick, 99.85% minimum. 450 gram bag.

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Product Overview

This is a 450 gram bag of 99.85% plus Tin stick,  great for element samples, alloying various metals or chemistry projects.  This is around 99.9% purity, a minimum of 99.85 but most grades well over that.  It is ideal for use in tin plating especially as it's in stick form.

This can be used as a replacement product for our popular tin granules that are currently unavailable.  You can easily cut this thin stick to the required weight with bolt cutters or shears.

This sample is supplied in a large ziplock bag. Please see the photos and note the size of the product, the the scale shown in one photo is in mm. Each bag will vary a bit as to the number, length etc of the individual sticks but you will get a minimum of 450 grams of tin in every bag.    
We can supply larger wholesale quantities of this product if required, just message us on the contact page.  



(No reviews yet) Write a Review