MSDS for Bismuth

Billing Metals MSDS 2021

Bismuth Metal MSDS

Product contains elemental Bismuth CAS No:7440-69-9 (Bi) minimum of 99.99% plus traces of other elements.

This product is a dense, metallic white metal with a hint of pinkish colour, solid and/or powder. It is used for alloying other metals, as a replacement for lead in many uses plus applications in chemistry. Also used for growing hoppered crystals.


Product is not known to be a hazardous material. It may irritate the eyes although this is likely to be a mechanical (scratching) irritation rather than chemical. 

May be harmful if ingested or inhaled but no there is known toxicology on it, this element is considered non-toxic.

First Aid Measures

Eye Contact: flush the eyes with plenty of water for a minimum of 15 minutes, in case of irritation seek medical attention.

Skin Contact: In case of direct contact, the affected person should wash the contaminated area with soap and water if any reaction is noticed, seek medical attention.

Inhalation (for powder): Move to fresh air, seek medical attention if there is any reaction.

Ingestion: seek medical attention if there is any reaction.  

Personal Safety Measures

Care should be taken to avoid direct skin and eye contact. Proper gloves, protective clothing and goggles should be worn. 

Storage Instruction

This product should be stored in in a cool and dry place.

Fire Hazards and Fire Fighting Measures

This is not an inflammable substance, it will not contribute to a fire. 

Accidental Release Measure

In case of accidental spillage or leakage, the spilled material should be cleaned up as with any other metal.

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