MSDS for Elemental Silicon

Billing Metals MSDS 2020

Elemental Silicon MSDS

Product contains elemental semi-metallic Silicon CAS No:7440-21-3 (Si) minimum of 99.99%.

It is a brittle yet hard, grey-blue silvery solid and/or powder.


Product may irritate the skin and eyes, may be hazardous on inhalation. 

May be harmful if ingested but no toxicology data found on chronic health effects, considered non toxic but a potential irritant.   

Note on handling this material, it is hard and breaks with sharp edges, it can cause cuts and slice though rubber gloves, take care.

First Aid Measures

Eye Contact: flush the eyes with plenty of water for a minimum of 15 minutes, seek medical attention if any irritation is noticed, product is hard and sharp, may mechanically damage the eye.

Skin Contact: In case of direct contact, the affected person should wash the contaminated area with soap and water.

Inhalation: Move to fresh air, seek medical attention if any health effects are noticed.

Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting, contact poisons information line (13 11 26 within Australia) and inform them the patient has ingested elemental Silicon NOT Silicone.

Personal Safety Measures

Care should be taken to avoid direct skin and eye contact. Proper gloves, protective clothing and goggles are essential.  This product can be dusty, proper dust protection and/or extractors are recommended.

Storage Instruction

This product should be stored in sealed containers in a cool and dry place. Store away from oxidizing agents, alkali metals and their compounds (especially Calcium).

Fire Hazards and Fire Fighting Measures

The substance is flammable with an auto ignition temperature of around 780 degrees C.  The dust and powder can be highly flammable and may present an explosion hazard. May interact dangerously with other chemicals in a fire. 

Use dry chemical and/or water for firefighting efforts.

Accidental Release Measure

In case of accidental spillage or leakage, the spilled material should be cleaned up with damp paper towelling. Water and detergent should be used to clean the surface. The spilled product and any contaminated materials should be disposed of in a plastic bag.

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