MSDS for Gallium

MSDS For Gallium Metal



Billing Metals MSDS 2022


Gallium  MSDS

Product contains 99.995% Gallium.

It is considered non-toxic, a metal that usually does not cause any serious health problems. However general precautions should be taken while handling it.  Gallium is brittle in its solid state and may cause cuts to personnel.  Liquid Gallium will leave stains on skin and most surfaces.

Transport by Air and Post may be restricted or illegal due to Gallium's affinity with and ability to structurally damage Aluminium.



Product does not pose any serious known potential threats to human health. Possible mild irritation may result in direct contact with skin or eyes.  It is not a known carcinogen at this stage. 


First Aid Measures

 Eye Contact: flush the eyes with plenty of water in case of direct eye contact.

Skin Contact: In case of direct contact, the affected person should wash the contaminated area with soap and water.

Inhalation: There is low potential risk in case of inhalation.

Ingestion: One should immediately seek medical attention in case of accidental ingestion.


Personal Safety Measures

Care should be taken to avoid direct skin and eye contact. Proper gloves, protective clothing and goggles are recommended.


Storage Instruction

This product should be stored in sealed containers in a cool and dry place.  Great care should be taken to avoid spillage as this product is difficult to clean up in its liquid phase.


Fire Hazards and Fire Fighting Measures

This is not an inflammable substance, it will not contribute to a fire.


Accidental Release Measure

In case of accidental spillage or leakage.  If solid the spilled material should be picked or swept up. If in its liquid form it should be mopped up with paper toweling.

Water and detergent should be used to clean any contaminated  surface. The spilled product and any contaminated materials should be disposed of in a plastic bag.  This product is considered a hazard to aquatic environments

This product is highly corrosive and will cause irreparable damage to Aluminium and many other metals, it will wet glass and stain many surfaces. 

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