MSDS for Strontium

Billing Metals MSDS 2023


Elemental Strontium MSDS

Product contains 99+% Strontium.


Transport by Air and Post may be restricted or illegal due to Strontium's reactivity with water and moist air.



Product will cause irritation on contact with skin or eyes. May cause irritation of the respiratory and digestive systems 

It is not a known carcinogen at this stage. 


First Aid Measures

Eye Contact: seek immediate medical attention.

Skin Contact: Remove all materiel, wash skin with soapy water taking care not to wet any Strontium metal,  seek medical attention if irritation or reaction develops.

Inhalation: seek immediate medical attention.

Ingestion: seek immediate medical attention.


Personal Safety Measures

Great care should be taken to avoid direct skin and eye contact. Proper gloves, protective clothing and goggles are essential.


Storage Instruction

This product should be stored in sealed containers in a cool and dry place. great care should be taken to avoid contact with water or exposure to moist air, this substance will react and release flammable gas and potentially hazardous reaction products. 

Reactive to water, oxidising agents, acids.  It is recommended to store Strontium under mineral oil or in an inert environment. 


Fire Hazards and Fire Fighting Measures

This material will contribute to a fire.  It will release flammable gas and potentially harmful reaction products on contact with water.

Dangerous when wet. 

Use dry powder only for fire fighting.


Accidental Release Measure

In case of accidental spillage or leakage. The spilled material should be picked or swept up with great care to avoid water or fire.

Water and detergent should be used to clean any contaminated  surface AFTER all visible material has been removed from the area and the site made safe. The spilled product and any contaminated materials should be disposed of in a well sealed plastic bag in hazardous waste marked 'Dangerous When Wet'.  

This product is not considered a hazard to aquatic environments


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