BeeFluxed Beeswax Lead/Tin metal casting flux stick

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This is our BeeFluxed beeswax based Lead or Tin casting flux!  

Beefluxed is perfect for melting Lead, Lead alloys, Tin, Bismuth and many other low melting point base metals and alloys. It is a stick of paper-wrapped wax making it very easy to use, simply cut off the required amount with a sharp knife or snips and drop into your melted metal and carefully stir it in when you want to flux.

A bit of a tip= Use side cutters and simply snip off the required amount, you don't even need to remove the paper wrapping that way, it will simply burn away.


You don't need very much of this flux at all. One pea sized piece is enough to flux over 10kg of lead or tin, there is enough in one of these sticks to flux around 200kg of lead alloy!

We recommend adding a bit of fine, very dry, sawdust when you add any flux to lead, it will help the process and keep oxides to a minimum.


These are roughly 105mm long by 15mm diameter, around 15 to 18 grams each. 

They are made by Billing Metals & Manufacturing in Australia out of 100% Australian ingredients.


Buy 5 or more in an order to save, they are only $4 each in lots of five or more.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review