Calcium Elemental/Metal, granules dry for chemistry. Element 20

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Calcium granules, 2 grams of 99.6% pure, elemental Calcium per tube.  You get a plastic test tube (83x12mm including lid) containing just over two grams of small Calcium granules, see photos for an idea of what they look like.

This Calcium is quite dark with an oxide/Nitride coating, it still makes an interesting element sample and is useful for many chemistry and education applications, if you need Calcium with an oil coating for your element collection you can find it here.

Please note Calcium is quite reactive and will react quite vigorously with water among other things, it is dangerous when wet due to Hydrogen formation, please take care. These are sealed and packed in crush and leak proof packaging.

Please note this product can only be shipped by road within Australia, no express postage (if you order express with this product it will be shipped via normal post) and no international orders unless shipped by sea. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review