Bismuth 99.99% pure Metal granules 1 kg

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Product Overview

This is a one Kg batch of 99.99% pure Bismuth granules, great for growing beautiful bismuth crystals, casting, alloying with other metals or chemistry projects.

Bismuth is a very usefull metal and a good investment in my opinion.  The melting point of this metal is 271 degrees c and it has a density of 9.8
We guarantee our Bismuth is 99.99% or better (unlike some of the stuff sold on the net!). The higher grade purity metal like this is essential to grow the best crystals and very useful for making up alloys as you know precisely what is in your mix.
Pure bismuth is quite brittle, you can alloy this with tin (5 to 10%) to make a low melting point, soft and malleable metal that makes a good, non toxic, replacement for lead in many applications such as shot, ballast etc. 
Any questions please feel free to ask.  The MSDS for Bismuth metal can be found here>  MSDS for Bismuth


(No reviews yet) Write a Review