Smokey Quartz, Gembrook, Victoria. Round facetted 2.6ct

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A nice, light Smokey Quartz from the unusual locality of Gembrook in Victoria.  This is one of several cut a few years ago from a single piece of quartz picked up in the Beenak tin fields, near Gembrook.  It is very unusual to see gem quality quartz from this location and we only have a couple of these stones left, it is very unlikely we will ever get any more either.   

This stone is approximately 8.96mm by 6.05mm thick and 2.6 carats in weight.  It is very nicely cut in a round brilliant and is very bright for quartz.  It is untreated, natural stone. 


This stone comes with an information card, safely packed and shipped with tracking.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review