Selenium Mini Cube - Element 34

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Product Overview

Introducing…the unique and the extraordinary Selenium Mini Cube! Our new Mini Cubes are the safe, easy way of viewing and displaying element samples – they’re both affordable and hardwearing. Perfect for educational purposes or simply to collect.

These cubes are made from high-quality optical resin and contain 99.9% pure Selenium granules, set inside. Each element sample is carefully selected for both aesthetics and educational value. 

(We also offer these same Mini Cubes with a range of different element samples, including those that are normally too toxic and dangerous to handle such as this highly poisonous Selenium – but are made completely safe when set into this special resin. View the full range here> )

About Selenium: (Se) element 34, a grey solid with a melting point of 221 degrees Celsius. Density is 4.81.

Our Mini Cubes are a 10mm cube.

Includes one element cube and a self-adhesive label, in a zip lock bag.

Buy one, buy several – we can ship a lot of these samples for the same postage cost, so great value when you buy the full set!

Perfect for educational uses in schools and universities, as they’re 100% safe for students to handle and examine. We also only use high-quality, pure elements, so you know you’re getting the real thing.

These are completely hand-made in Victoria (Australia) in the Billing Metals Lab and Workshops.

There may be the odd imperfection (tiny bubbles etc.) but every effort is made to ensure they look spectacular and provide an accurate representation of their properties.

(Look out for our larger version – Maxi Cubes – coming soon!)

Please note! We may not be able to ship these particular cubes to every country, please check the legality of owning this sample if you are outside Australia. 

This element is highly toxic, although these are tough, strong and hard and safe for general handling do not attempt to crush or cut these open.  These are not to be used for anything other than a display or collectible. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review