Queensland Boulder Opal 'Eye' Pendant

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This is an unusual and very nice opal, boulder opal from Winton in Queensland Australia cut to show the very translucent seam of opal with a dot of ironstone so it really looks like an opal eye!  The matrix ironstone has beautiful banding like nice timber and had taken a good polish. It is hand cut and polished.

This stone has some patches of colour play, some 'jelly' opal with no colour play, there is a streak of light greenish opal in it too. It also has a couple of thin seams of opal running though it parallel to the main opal.  The colour play seen it this stone is red, orange, blue and green with a little yellow, it is a soft, light play.   Setting is solid .925 Sterling Silver handmade and polished.

This stone is approximately 18mm by 16mm, 4mm at the top down to 2mm thick and 10.6carats in weight, it is untreated, natural stone 

A chain is not included but we sell sterling silver chains to put these on if required, you can find them here.                         

Pendant comes with an information card, safely packed and shipped in a large, well padded, tracked envelope.

Free shipping within Australia, if you are overseas we can provide a quote to ship anywhere in the world.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review