Field's Metal, low melting point alloy 10g sample

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10 grams of top quality Field's Metal in granular form for easy handling and use.

This metal is a eutectic alloy of Indium, Bismuth and Tin with a melting point of 62 degrees Celsius, it will easily melt in boiling water.  It will cast fine details in all sorts of moulds and due to the low melting point can be used in silicone moulds with no problems.

One of the advantages of Field's Metal over Woods Metal and several other low melting point alloys is that is contains no Lead or Cadmium so it is considered non-toxic. It is however, being over 50% Indium, more expensive than most similar melting point alloys. 

This Field's Metal is manufactured in the Billing Metals Lab's in country Victoria, Aussie made metal.

This alloy is fairly hard and strong, it's a bright silver colour although it will tarnish to grey over time in damp conditions. 


This 10g sample is ideal for use in fine tube bending, simply cast into the tube, bend then dip in boiling water and it will run out leaving a crease free bend. 

It is a very interesting alloy to play with although the hot metal will cause bad burns in contact with skin due to high thermal conductivity so take all normal safety precautions when using it. Be warned this can stick to glass due to the Indium content, don't use your best glassware with this stuff! 

This alloy will take extremely fine details when cast into moulds so is ideal for prototyping,  art castings and casting small, precision parts.  Also perfect for experimenting with casting or learning/teaching about casting as the low melting point and ease of casting makes it ideal.

Some of the other interesting things you can do with it is melt in boiling water and cast it into silicone ice cube moulds, you can cast it into a shape then dangle it into very hot water and watch it melt into droplets and pool at the bottom and many other fun projects.  

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review