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Make your own amazing liquid metal at home!

This easy to use kit makes approximately 10 grams of Gallium Indium Tin Alloy, an amazing eutectic liquid metal that looks and acts a lot like Mercury yet is considered non-toxic.  Stored in a test tube or small bottle under oil to stop it wetting the container it make a great looking sample for the element collector.  This kit comes with two bags of metal, a test tube containing Gallium and instructions for use.  All you need to make it is in the kit, just add hot water!

Bright, silver metal, liquid below the freezing point of water, a replacement for Mercury without the toxicity.

Make a mirror or draw a conductive circuit plus many other uses.

Perfect for the curious hobbyist!

Please ensure you read all instructions prior to use.

For adults only!   MSDS of the commercial product can be found here MSDS for Ga-In-Sn liquid alloy it is relevant to the finished product from this kit  Wholesale orders from resellers or retailers welcome, please contact us for pricing and account details.


Please note we can only sell this kit to Australian customers, international wholesale orders can be arranged.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review