Silicon, Large Collectors sample. Element 14.

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Product Overview

This is a larger, 335 gram, solid piece of 99.99% Silicon, brilliant for a display item   Great for a very attractive element 14 sample, you get the actual piece photographed here.   

This is pure bluish grey/black elemental silicon.  The melting point of this semi-metal/metalloid is 1410 degrees c and it has a density of 2.336.
This sample consists of one solid lump of a little over 335 grams in weight. It is approximately 83x70 by 53mm in size.  This element is very hard yet brittle.  
Please see the photos and note the size of the sample, the the scale in one photo is in mm. 
Any questions please feel free to ask.
Note that Silicon is irritating to eyes and skin,  always wear gloves and goggles and take care when handling, please store safely away from kids etc. too. The MSDS for Silicon can be found here 
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review