Goldfields Glass

innov8 Treasure Smith Award - Goldfields Glass Jewellery

Australian Goldfields Glass Jewellery is award-winning jewellery, handcrafted in the Victorian Goldfields near Ballarat out of genuine antique glass and high quality Australian made, 100% recycled .925 Sterling Silver.

We take fragments of glass bottles broken in the Goldrush era and recycle them into modern, quality pendants and earrings - bringing out the beauty in this old, handmade glass.

Each piece is unique and all are hand made from start to finish.  A bit of information on the glass colours can be found in each product listing.  All the glass is smoothed over with no sharp edges or points so it is all safe to wear.

The silver is set in the glass using a special resin that permanently bonds it in as strong as the glass itself.

We guarantee these pendants for 12 months from purchase date against any defect in manufacture.

Goldfields Glass Jewellery recently won the Treasure Smith Award in the 2021 Innov8 Awards!

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