Indium, 99.995% 1 gram sample. Element 49. FREE POSTAGE!

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This is a 1 gram sample piece of 99.995% Indium metal,  great for an element sample or small chemistry projects.

This is pure bright, silver, elemental Indium.  The melting point of this metal is 156 degrees c and it has a density of 7.31.  It is a very soft metal, this little chunk can be scratched with a fingernail or cut with a knife
This sample consists of one lump, most samples also have a small sliver to make up the gram,  it is exceptionally difficult to cut exactly to the weight!  You will get a minimum of one gram per sample.   
This sample is supplied in a small bag and will be posted in an envelope.  Please see the photos and note the size of the sample, the the scale in some photos is in mm.  A gram is not much but it is the best way to buy a small sample for your collection.
Any questions please feel free to ask. and note the photos are stock photos of our actual stock and your sample may vary slightly.
Free shipping is for Australian addresses only,  we can quote for international shipping on request.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review