Goldfields Black Glass Pendant.

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Product Overview

Black glass (very dark olive green) Pendant with Sterling Silver, lightly frosted finish. This is a very nicely shaped piece.

The black colour of this glass is due to Iron Oxide, it was a very common glass colour for beer and grog bottles of all sorts during the 1850's goldrushes, popular until around the 1870's or 80's.

The glass is approximately 22mm long, for a visual on the size of this pendant please have a look at the photo with the mm scale. The loop is around 6mm on the inside so can fit most chains.

A chain is not included but we sell sterling silver chains to put these on if required, you can find them here.                         

Pendant comes with a printed information card, safely packed and shipped in a large tracked envelope.

Free shipping within Australia, if you are overseas we can provide a quote to ship anywhere in the world.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review