Gold in quartz, crystal form. Berringa Victoria Australia 18002

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This is a very nice specimen of Gold in ironstone with a bit of Quartz.  It is soft gossan like iron oxide, quartz and a little carbonates in places.   There was a few specimens recovered with this one out of a small band of very rich ironstone in the reef.  The gold in this is unusually bright and shows a sort of stippled surface with seam lines on it,  there is a couple of crystal faces on the gold but these are not smooth faces, the grain is more or less a crystal though. 

This specimen looks really good with the dark stone and bright gold.


This is one of several mined a few years ago from a small but rich patch of reef on private land in Berringa Victoria Australia.

This specimen has only been cleaned in water with an ultrasonic cleaner.


Specimen is 21mm by 11x14mm.  The main grain of gold is 4mm long with another in the quartz behind it.   Best appreciated under a microscope but it is a very nice specimen and displays very well as a thumbnail.  Comes with a hand written label.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review