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This is a 10 gram plus sample of 99.99% Cadmium,  great for an element sample, alloying small amounts of metal or chemistry projects.  These are cast as a stick then chopped into bits and trimmed, you will get two or three pieces with a total weight between 10 and 12 grams, they vary a bit in size and shape, some long and thin some thick and short, the current batch is flatter than the photos show but the same metal.  They will have a small amount of oxide on one side, it is very thin and forms when cast.  The melting point of this metal is 321 degrees c and it has a density of 8.65

This metal is suitable for making Cd containing Gold solder.

This sample is supplied in a small bag and will be posted in an envelope.  
Please note= Cadmium is TOXIC, it will make you very sick if mishandled and you must always take great care with it, ALWAYS wear gloves and a dust mask and carefully decontaminate any items used to handle it.  Melting this metal will produce highly toxic fumes, please don't do so unless you are set up and know what you are doing, always keep it as low a temperature as possible.  Cadmium is also a serious environmental pollutant, don't buy it if you do not have the means to safely and legally dispose of any waste.  This product is only available to Australian addresses, we cannot post this overseas as Cd is banned in many country's (silly as it is still a usefull element), please make sure your end use is safe and legal before you buy this product.   


(No reviews yet) Write a Review