Bismuth 99.99% Pure Metal - 100 grams FREE POSTAGE!

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This is a 100 gram bag of 99.99% Bismuth pieces. Great for an element sample, alloying small amounts of metal or chemistry projects. This purity is ideal for growing bismuth crystals. Bismuth is a very useful metal and a good investment in my opinion. The melting point of this metal is 271 degrees c and it has a density of 9.8.

This Bismuth comes as broken lumps, it is broken out of a large ingot, there will be small granules and powdery bits as well. This bismuth is the usual pinkish silver colour with a bit of rainbow colour from a very thin layer of oxide on the surface. 
Pure bismuth is quite brittle, you can alloy this with tin to make a low melting point, soft and malleable metal that makes a good non-toxic replacement for Lead.
This sample is supplied in a bag and will be posted in an envelope. 
I can supply larger quantities of this product if required.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review