Aqua green Glass Earrings.

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A pair of aqua glass earrings set with Sterling Silver, lightly frosted finish. These are triangular shaped and set with ball stud settings. 

Aqua glass colour is due to traces of Iron Oxide impurity's in the sand used to make the glass, often seen in aerated water bottles and general glass used in the era. The glass is approximately 28mm long, for a visual on the size of these please have a look at the photo with the mm scale. Please note these earrings are not a perfect match due to the nature of the glass and the way they are made it is never going to be a perfect match but we match the colour exactly and the shapes are close, please see photos.

Earrings come with a printed information card, safely packed and shipped in a large tracked envelope.

Free shipping within Australia, if you are overseas we can provide a quote to ship anywhere in the world.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review