Antimony metal, 10g sample. Element 51 FREE SHIPPING!

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This is a 10 gram sample bag of 99.65%+ Antimony chunks,  great for an element sample, alloying small amounts of metal or chemistry projects.

These lumps of antimony are chipped off a large block of the metal and you may receive one lump or a couple of larger bits, some smaller bits and a bit of powdery antimony in the sample.  It is a quite brittle element.
This sample is supplied in a small bag and will be posted in an envelope.  Please see the photos, the the scale in one photo is in mm, please note these are stock photos of my actual stock, your sample may vary slightly.  I can supply larger quantities of this product if required, please email for wholesale inquiries.
Please note Antimony is moderately toxic,  please handle with care.  MSDS for Antimony can be found here>

Free shipping is for Australian addresses only,  we can quote for international shipping on request.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review