About Us

Toby Billing - Billing Metals

Billing Metals & Manufacturing is situated in the heart of the Victorian goldfields, led by Toby Billing with his 30 odd years of chemistry, manufacturing and mining experience.

About Toby

I'm married, with two young kids - Oliver (8) and Sophie (5).

We live on a 70 acre property, in the Victorian goldfields (near Ballarat).

I've always been fascinated by history, gold, chemistry and mining - and the past few years have developed a passion for coming up with beautifully innovative and unique, hand-made jewellery, utilising historic materials.

About Billing Metals

Billing Metals provides element or metal samples for hobbyists and science enthusiasts, unique jewellery items at affordable price points, gold specimens and plenty more.

Please feel free to browse our range - and get in touch any time, with feedback or suggestions.

Simply email info@billingmetals.com.au to chat to Toby.

Or call 0406 498 528.

Or find us on Facebook.

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