303 Bullet Pendant - 100 year old (W/Kangaroo leather strap)

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This is a hand made pendant and strap, the pendant is make from a 100 plus year old MkVI 303 British projectile fired on the Ballarat goldfields during army training around WW1. The bullets are found metal detecting and polished up and have a 99.9% pure copper loop soldered in. The strap is Kangaroo leather tanned in the Ballarat area and featuring an adjustable knot so it will fit and hang as you like it.

See photos for more information, one of them is the info card that comes with the pendant.

You receive a pendant and strap packaged in a bag with an information label as photographed. please note this is a stock photo of my actual stock, your example may vary slightly as these are fired/used bullets and they are over 100 years old and have spent most of that time buried in the ground , some have marks and dents or scratches from hitting rocks etc. All are original and all have a bit of character. Any questions please feel free to ask.


Please note these are NOT working bullets, they cannot be reloaded or reused in any way, there is nothing in them that goes bang, just solid metal.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review